Venessa Smith

  • Venessa Smith

    Team Manager/Transaction Coordinator
    The Smith Team

    I was born and raised in Southern California, before transplanting with our family of 6 to the great state of Texas in 2012. Married to my high school sweetheart at an early age, I dedicated my life to my being a mom & wife (and have loved every minute of it). Starting a family at such a young age, my husband and I decided we'd make the sacrifice of being a one-income household. So, I spent much of my adult life raising my four children and holding down the fort as a stay at home mom. Though my children kept me plenty busy, I always made time to run small side businesses. Whether running my "at capacity" in home child care, running a successful Avon business, designing/selling bling clothing, creating bows, or making jewelry - I put my all into every thing I did. Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm also a complete bookworm. Along with reading, I've always been a writer. I started with writing poetry as a child and then, in 2012, I began writing the first of three books I went on to publish. Reading and writing have always been my passion. In 2015, I began to help out with my husband's real estate career, by doing small things here and there, at his request. As business grew, so did his need for help. In 2016 he brought me on full time. I immediately took to the administrative side of our business, where I have flourished. As Team Manager, I've been able to bring all of the attributes I've cultivated through the years, into our business. I love to create, organize, and develop our systems and processes. I have a knack for multi-tasking, and work well in a busy fast paced environment where teamwork, problem solving, and prioritizing are key. While I'm not always the most outgoing person (I tend to be a bit introverted) I absolutely pride myself in showing kindness to all. I tend to be a bit sensitive sometimes, but I'm also extremely intuitive (Even my husband has learned to trust my gut). I'm a born helper and LOVE to serve others. I love to laugh, but if you really get me going BEWARE of my cackle! (You've been warned). Besides adoring my husband and four kiddos: I love Jesus, cooking, coffee, chocolate, books, and fuzzy socks! Need a great book suggestion, a recipe, someone to pray for you, have a question about paperwork, or simply need someone to lend an ear... I'm your gal!