Georgette Jones

  • Georgette Jones

    Real Estate Agent
    The Smith Team

    Dynamic award winning Realtor, specializing in working with buyers who are seeking to purchase a home in Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Over 10 years of advanced business management and organizational leadership proficiency in analyzing, identifying, and solving complex analytical, risk management, and operational issues. Instrumental in utilizing a combination of administrative and business development methodologies to develop a successful organizational functionalities skill set that has successfully helped clients close their real estate transactions.

    -strong marketing and strategic analysis
    -modify and optimize available resources
    -reduce complexity and simplify processes within transactions
    -motivate clients to reinforce changes

    My drive is always for quality, results, and growth, and my leadership style is one of quiet influence. In other words, I am an engaged observer and leader who has the strong ability to take in not just all the details, but see them for their big picture; analyze all the factors, come up with resourceful strategies to break through the barriers to growth and excellence, and then provide my clients with the facts, tools, and foundation on which to execute.

    I look forward to serving you,

    Georgette Jones